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Hum of the Hidden Machine

Here’s something I’ll never forget, no matter how many years: my girl waiting in a line to get sucked through the clinic gears. They don’t give you any big cigars, but they’ve got People magazines so you don’t have to listen to the hum of the hidden machine, making it die.


As they took her hand away I could see she was trying to be brave. She even tried to smile. She even tried to wave. But what they took away from me was more than they put in a shallow grave. It was what a hundred nights of heartache couldn’t save from making it die.


I’m ashamed to admit I even wondered how long it’d be until they finished sucking out her insides so I could get me a decent meal.


When they let her back outside there was nothing in her eyes, and I knew that they had finished the job, that had begun with our first lies, of making it die.


'Say Yes, Do Nothing transcribe a real situation, which people can relate to, and produce something structurally and musically marvellous. It is a sombre song in many ways, but it has a calm atmosphere and a powerful message.'

- Advosound

'So beautifully written is this song that one cannot help but keep listening, despite the melancholy which could become unbearable in clumsier hands.'

- By the Freaks

'As this track ended, I knew I had to play it again and that the soft cry of "making it die" would be stuck in my head for a long time.' - Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse, Brecon Indie Reviews

'Their best one to date. Check it out, addictive.' - Lucy, Raquel and me

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