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London Yank rock: Say Yes, Do Nothing (SYDN) are a four-piece guitar-driven original rock band from north London.

SYDN songs are gritty and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism.

Winners of the 2108 Future Music Showcase Award, members Dave (vocals/guitar), Simon (bass/vocals), Michael (drums) and Dan (lead guitar/vocals) met in Kentish Town in 2018.  Singer/songwriter Dave hails from the USA, where his previous band's album was named the Los Angeles DIY Album of the Year and featured on popular TV shows. Dave now draws inspiration from splitting his time between the band and managing medical relief in the world's worst war zones.

Recent reviews:

'SYDN takes a real-life situation and have the intestinal fortitude to put it into lyrics and into a song, and it’s going to reach a lot of people.' - The Mind of Little Rage

“Say Yes, Do Nothing is a special band from across the seas in London.  They’re true to their name all the way down to every lyric. It’s easy for all of us to say yes or agree with what we think it’s right, but it’s a lot harder to help make that change with your own to hands.” - The Lemon Radio

'Best band name, ever' - New Music Saturday

'When the band begins to play there is an engulfing wave of nostalgia, coupled with an inescapable feeling that nostalgia is what caused this mess in the first place.' -  By The Freaks

“SYDN combine north London grit with Nashville dirt to produce a distinctive mix that’s both timeless and aggressively up-to-date. It’s a while since I’ve witnessed a set with as much sheer drive and "hey, look at this", yet clearly underpinned by deeply rooted Americana song craft. More of this, please.' – Rock Box

'A rock n roll Roadhouse blues band' - John Fossey

© 2020 by Say Yes, Do Nothing

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